Accents pull your design ideas together. They are the finishing touch sure to lend an extra pop of personality to your home’s exterior. Accents help you create a cohesive look, where no single element stands out from the rest. To ensure your finished remodel or construction project reflects the vision you have for your home, consider the following details.

Accents: Design is in the details

Imagine this home without the formal entry or window accents, trim or lighting. The house would be ordinary, right? Every little detail plays a big role in achieving a signature look. Simply adding an interesting feature can take an ordinary exterior to the next level. Let’s look at the accents that create the most extraordinary results.




Shutters frame a window and add a splash of color to your home. Shutters can add curb appeal, or even transform a home from plain into a seaside bungalow or French villa.  


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When you change your home’s exterior you want to be sure that your new colors and design aesthetic works with the color and style of your roof. A remodel is the perfect time to evaluate its appearance and condition. While you’re at it, replace and repair damaged shingles and reseal vents and chimneys. 


Front entry door



The entryway to your home is a statement maker, emphasizing your exterior design and complimenting your home’s energy efficiency. There are a variety of “standard” doors and entry accents available at a fraction of the cost of custom doors. Before you decide on a standard door, research and compare energy efficiency, insulation, durability, warranties and other factors that affect price and wear.


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Garage doors



You may want to update your garage doors to match or compliment your front door, especially if your garage faces the street. You can research images, reviews, and installers online to find the style and durability you want. Garage doors must withstand the elements, and endure daily wear and tear, so you may want to spend a little extra for a good quality product.

Exterior lighting



Lighting fixtures not only enhance your home’s style and ambiance, they also provide safety by illuminating your front porch, garage entry and the pathway to your home. When you compare lighting products, look for well-made fixtures of solid materials that will withstand the weather, and offer energy efficiency. Don’t forget to add exterior fixture mounts and blocks to your shopping list.


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Trim is a collection of elements that, done right, will pull the whole look together. When applied properly, doors, windows, and eaves will fit right in to your home’s design. Trim can pop architectural features or diminish those you’d rather not draw attention to. Consider your home’s corner posts, crown molding, mantels, and other trim areas. Good reading: “To trim or not to trim: knowing how to pull it all together


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Stone veneer



Stone veneer provides the look of natural stone affordably, minus the hassle of reinforcing your foundation. Whether used inside or outside your home, stone veneer can create focal points, highlights, bring distinction and even transform a traditional style into a stone cottage or brick Tudor. 


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