Certification Counts!

VSI Certification

VSI Product Certification

The Vinyl Siding Institute of America, or VSI, offers a Product Certification Program that is the gold standard by which quality vinyl and polypropylene siding is measured. When a manufacturer participates in the VSI Product Certification Program, their products are reviewed and tested by a third-party quality control agency that checks for quality, performance and consistency against the industry standard. When you choose VSI-certified siding for the homes you build, you know you’re cladding those exteriors with a quality product.

Vinyl siding that is certified through the VSI’s Product Certification Program will maintain its gloss and color in a variety of climates; lay flat and snug against their home with no wrinkles or buckles when properly installed; and resist sunshine, rain and winds of at least 110 mph. Certified polypropylene siding will weather the elements over time without cracking, chipping, flaking, peeling or pitting. When installed by a VSI Certified Installer, certified siding will meet or exceed the industry standard for quality and performance — which gives your homes a gorgeous exterior for years to come, and earns you a reputation as a builder with high standards for quality. That’s a smart way to build your business.

How VSI evaluates vinyl siding

The VSI Product Certification Program certifies through a third-party agency that a manufacturer’s products meet or exceed the standards outlined by ASTM D3679 for vinyl siding and ASTM D7254 for polypropylene siding. These rigorous tests and inspections evaluate products for the following attributes:

Vinyl siding

• Color retention
• Weatherability, windload and impact resistance
• Expansion and shrinkage
• Surface distortion
• Length, width and thickness verification

Polypropylene siding

• Weatherability, windload and impact resistance
• Surface flame spread performance

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Install with Certified Professionals

The difference between beautiful siding jobs and those that leave a lot to be desired? Proper installation. It’s every bit as important as the quality of the product when it comes to final appearance and most important, performance. Visible seams, wrinkles and buckles are some of the ugly signs of a bad installation job. It takes real training, experience and attention to detail to deliver a final product that will meet your expectations and reflect the type of quality work you’re known for.

The Vinyl Siding Institute is nationally recognized for setting the standard for proper vinyl siding installation. VSI Certified Installers are trained and tested on the industry-approved techniques that will assure maximum performance and long-lasting beauty of the siding you choose for the homes you build.

VSI certified installer requirements

VSI Certified installers must learn all of the techniques for installing siding, in a tested and verified way, that deliver maximum results. A certified installer knows to allow for natural expansion and contraction while keeping the siding straight and secure; how to properly install the siding around doors and windows to prevent water infiltration, and pays attention to the details that give the home a beautiful appearance that will last a lifetime. And that’s just what your customers expect from a quality builder. Ask your installers if they have taken VSI’s Certified Installer course and/or passed a test on the proper installation of vinyl siding, accessories, and soffit (according to ASTM D4756).